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Jacqueline Frances is constantly touring. Part stand-up comedy, part stripper-cum-motivational-speaker, she stops at comedy clubs, colleges, strip clubs, retreats, bars, bookstores and beyond. For more information on arranging an event please contact 



April 30 2018 Venus Fly Trap @ The Village Lantern 167 Bleecker St NYC $5 8pm 

May 9 2018 Venus Fly Trap @ Slipper Room 167 Orchard St. New York, NY (details coming soon) 

May 15 2018 Bizarre Bushwick (details coming soon) 

May 26 2018  Thought Bomb @ 2018 Ralph's Rock Diner Worcester, MA $10 9pm 

May 31 2018 The Essence of Koffee Brooklyn, NY 9pm 



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